Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Speeches Information

Check out the links below for help to get information for your speech topic.

Littering and Pollution
Litter in the Ocean 
Pollution -air
Pollution land, air and sea
Shocking effects of Pollution
How can we keep plastic out of the ocean?

Stop Smoking
Weird reasons to not smoke

Teaching Kids about saving money

Saving Money Why should parents teach kids?

Saving Money

Teaching Kids about Money

Stop Poaching Animals

Stop Poaching

Why should we protect animals?

Poaching Animals and looking after their environment

Why live in NZ?

Why is NZ the best country

Living in NZ Pros and Cons


Stopping Bullying


Why we should say no to refugees in NZ

Refugees in USA

Why should guns be banned in America?

Gun Ban

American Gun Stats

Drink Driving

Drink Driving Facts

Edendale Primary School...Where our Dreams Begin.

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