Bloggers we are following

We have joined up again for Quad Blogging.

We are following 3 schools.

Class  1 Mr Medernach and his classes blog from USA

Class  2 Year 6 From the UK 

Class  4 Mrs Leis' Blog USA

Students Post Students Respond Students Respond Students Respond
Oct 31 Class 1
Nov 7 Class 2   Class 2 Class 3 Class 4
Nov 14 Class 3 Class 1 Class 3 Class 4
Nov 28 Class 4 Class 1 Class 2 Class 4
Dec 5                Class 1 Class 2 Class 3

We are part of Quad blogging NZ

Check these blogs out and write a comment about their learning.

Room 7 HCS

Room 9 Minions

Ruma Kiwi

We are a part of QuadBlogging

Each of these schools from around the world will be commenting on our blogs and we will do the same.   How exciting to be talking to people from around the world.

United States WI

UK - Manchester, England

United States - MI

Pure NZ on You Tube

NZ website

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