Making a Comment

It would be great if you can make comments on our team learning or on your child's individual learning blog.

Here  are some steps to help you.

1.  Once you have read the post you want to comment on.  Look for the  No Comments or 1 Comment bit at the bottom.

2. Click on it.

3.  Write your comment and leave your name.  If you have a google account then you can be signed it,  if you don't, you can be Anonymous- just make sure you write your name so that we can see who the comment is from.

4.  The comment comes to me to be 'checked' to make sure it is not spam and I publish it.

When commenting...

  • Talk about what the child did well.
  • Talk about the writing or photo that the child has published.
  • Tell them if you remember learning about that learning they are celebrating. 

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