Sunday, 4 September 2016

Advertising Tips and Tricks

We are look at advertising for our plants.  We need to make our adverts stand out, get the message across and be bold.

Advertising Tricks

If you were a 7 year old what would appeal to you about this product below, what appeals to parents?
A Super-Cute Way To Make The "Ouchies" Go Away!  Whether they're running, jumping or tumbling, kids are bound to get scrapes and scratches. Now you can make it "all better" with Minion Despicable Me Antibacterial Bandages!:

What about this advert would appeal to you, to your little brother/sister to your parents??

Popsicles were only 5 cents.:

What do you notice about this advertisement?

Vintage advertising posters | chocolate:

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  1. Minions would appeal to kids (especially R9 in Hamilton). The bandages are cute. Parents would buy because they are antibacterial and they prevent infection.
    Popsicles are cheap and its a frozen drink on a stick.
    Kit Kat: you'll develop big muscles by pulling them off and you could learn fractions.

  2. I like how you left it as a mystery about the advertisements. I think I found them. You seem to have been working really hard on making your blog the best!
    Thumbs up five stars on your amazing blog.