Sunday, 22 May 2016

DRIVE Inquiry Term 2 research ideas

Kai and Cooking
What did the early Maori people eat, how do we know?
What did they cook in?
How did they cook?, How do we know that they cooked like that?Did they eat only animals?  What vegetation did they eat?

Seafood  Maori Foods       
More about Kai
Kai- Traditional
Genuine Maori cuisine
Maori Kai
Videos about Kai

Hunting and Gathering
What did they hunt?  How did they hunt?  What did they use?  Did they plant plants to eat? What did they use to gather their catch?

Early Settlers
Moa Hunters
Birds as Food
Stone Tools
Traditional Food Gathering

Maori Tools, fishing and hunting

tools with facts


Homes and Living
How did they live?, What did they do?, What did they use flax for?  How did they fill in their time?

Maori Customs
Maori Clothing
Maori Hairstyles
More about Maori Clothing
Maori Culture
Maori History
Maori Culture
Maori Houses
Thatched Houses

Interactive Map Village

Videos about Maori Traditions

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