Monday, 15 September 2014

McDonalds Learning

So our McDonalds learning, about what is in our food and where it comes from, brought up some very interesting results.

The Team Kereru team are researching a combo meal that can be purchased in NZ and finding out where all the products come from.  We were very excited to see that the products that are in the meals are found in NZ  and that they are supporting our NZ farmers!  

The Cheese is created Taranaki Fonterra and made to the McDonalds recipe.
The Beef is from farmers in CANTERURY and WAIKATO.
The only NZ Mcdonald stores that use free range eggs are Canterbury and Otago.

We are a little concerned however how long the fries look after a year and how many additives are in their products.  

We are creating Comic Life presentations that help share the information we have found!

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