Thursday, 12 June 2014

Week 6 Team Kereru

Team Kereru are an amazing bunch of highly energetic, hardworking and goal driven learners.

In writing we have been exploring explanations.  We are writing explanations about life cycles. So far we have looked at frogs and sea turtles.  Our learning blogs have many wonderful examples of these. We will move into writing reports during the next couple of weeks.

In reading we have been learning about a new app on our iPad.  This app is called ‘Shadow Puppet’ and the task we had was to retell the legend Maui and the Sun.  Some of the results from this app look amazing and are slowly being updated onto individual blogs.  We have also been working on triramas about space (see your child’s blog).   We will continue to use apps that are appropriate to our learning in reading and learn the new ways we can find and present information.

Our inquiry has us buzzing, we have been learning about the different stars that there are in the whole universe and are trying to comprehend the size of these. Did you know that a super-giant star is about the size of our solar system? On Thursday the Space Dome came and we learnt a lot during their time here.  I can’t wait to see what the children choose to explore for their own research. 

Our website of the week is  it is a fantastic informative and engaging website.

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