Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Team Kereru Week 1

Welcome back.

Wow this term we are certainly going to be kept busy.

In week 3 we have our production, it is going to be a fantastic show held at the Menzies Hall.  Our characters have been doing a great job learning their parts.

Our topic is Space, an exciting, interactive and fun inquiry.   Our question is 'Why is Planet Earth the best place for me to live?'  For us to be able to answer that question we need to know what any other planet is like and why Planet Earth is the best.  Team Kahu have an amazing selection of websites, you tube clips and activities for this topic.
We also have a great app on our iPad SkyView Free you use it to find where the planets are in the night sky.

Maths- our strand topic this term is Geometry in particular shape.  We are looking at 2D, 3D shapes and also looking at angles.

Reading- we are reading about space, and also reading explanations and reports that go with our writing.

Writing-  Our writing topics this term are recounts, explanations and reports.  These fit nicely into our space topic.

In week 2 and 3 we have a 2nd year student teacher Leah Sellars.

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Team Kereru and Mrs Stanway

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