Thursday, 10 April 2014

Week 10, Term 1

Another great learning week in Team Kereru.

Please bring a 600 ml-1 L bottle for Monday for making Ginger Beer.

We have been reading biographies, we read about Burt Munro, Richie McCaw and Laura Langman.  We have been practicing our skim reading and summarising skills to pick out the main information.

In maths we have been working with litres and mililitres.  We have been feeding our ginger beer and can't wait to make it on Monday.  We used junk mail to look for objects that were sold in mililitres (mls) and litres (L).

In writing we have been been writing from  sentence starters.  We started the week by creating 'mood' sentences.  We had to change the mood by adding details like how the person was moving and looking.    We started with the sentence- 'The boy walked up the staircase.'  When we got the mood sad we said.  'Shoulders hunched, head bowed the solemn boy slumped up the staircase.'    It was fun to change the mood of a sentence, lets hope this practice shows up in our writing.

We have started singing our production songs.  They sound amazing and are really, really catchy.

Please remember a 600ml - 1 L bottle for our ginger beer.

Can you spot all the differences in the native bird hunt?

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  1. I open my Christmas present and screamed!!!!! -Lauryn