Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Team Kereru Week 9

Kia Ora

Team Kereru have had a fantastic and busy couple of weeks.

In maths we will be looking at measurement, in particular weight and capacity.  There are games linked on our blog and on the wiki Measurement games.  We have our last week of numeracy cross grouping this week and will be in our own classes next week.  Keep practicing the basic facts here is a link to help Multiplication Page.

In writing we have been focusing on making an autobiography.  The children have had to choose how they want to present the information, some have chosen Comic Life, Power Points and posters.  It has been fun to create this visually and I have certainly learnt a lot about the children in our team.   I especially like how some of them got their names.  Keep an eye on their individual blogs to see what they have created.

We have had amazing swimming lessons by our MLT instructors.  It has been fantastic the progress that the children can make in only a week.  We are super lucky to have the expertise of these instructors. 

We had our last visit from Lorne our Athletics coach this week.  He introduced us to games, events and skills that we didn't know.  We have some budding athletes in the hammer, pole vault, javelin and triple jump.  We thoroughly enjoyed having him come to school each Tuesday.   

We looked at our Vision in Inquiry this week and what it means to be confident, connected, actively involved and life long learners.


  1. I heard you guys were pretty good at pole vault! Great job with swimming.

  2. Looks like you guys have some skills!!! Jonas.

  3. That was pretty fun. By Ryan C.

  4. We had lots of fun learning to pole vault too, Team Kereru.

  5. Olivia your a natural at pole vault!