Friday, 25 October 2013

Year 5 Camp

Year 5 Camp!
Wow what a 2 days we had, we did tie dying, painting, drama, bush walking with Mr Lloyd Esler and team building games with Mr Gauldie.

 Thank you to Mr Lindsay, Mr Gauldie, Mr Perriam, Mrs Knapp and Mrs Rhind for all your help on camp.  We wouldn't have eaten as well or have had so much fun outside without your help.    
Thanks to all the amazing Year 5 children, who participated in all the activities with so much enthusiasm.  
Here are some of the photos from our camp.


Bringing tie dying back in...maybe!

Lloyd Esler sharing some of his amazing knowledge.

Tug a war!

Four Square!! Who was king or queen?  Quite the competitive game!

Could you pick this straight up with 2 ropes and 4 people?

Some of our amazing art with Karen Pringle.

Tie Dying.

Could you find your shoes and put them on while you are holding onto other people?

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  1. What a great camp you all had. Well done to Mrs Stanway, the parents who helped and to all you children who got in and enjoyed your events.